OK, so I know by the title this doesn’t seem like it’ll be a very interesting post but trust me true believers, it will be.

As many of us that have “friends” who know that we are gamers, especially table top roleplayers, can attest to, there are people in the world that are bigots when it comes to a segment of society. That segment would be ours, of gamers. Now I know that in the decade or so since I was in grade school people that are gamers have gotten more welcomed and acknowledged (i.e. G4, XBox Live’s Major Nelson & e, etc.) But there are bigots and shortsighted people that still believe most of us live in a basement at Mom’s, alone, obese, poor complexion, and (my favorite) are devil worshippers, especially if you play D&D.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else but quite frankly I’m getting pretty pissed off about it. If you want to live your life thumping a bible and believing that YOUR way of thinking is the right and only way, I think it’ll be best if you go to the mountains, find a nice empty cave, and go have your way with yourself. Otherwise, here’s a suggestion: Get your Borg-Infused oneness out of your ass and get with the 21st Century!

So, my thoughts are a little direct today. It happens. I just think that people, mostly in general but especially for some, need to take their assumptions and throw them right out the window. Now, I’ll admit, that I do tend to assume I know how someone’s sentence will end, jump right in and finish it for them. Bad habit and I’m doing better at correcting it. But I know there are people out there that seem to have maximum strength blinders on 24/7/365. Now I’ve come up with a term for this and its called The One Foot Sphere of Influence. Picture it like this: take a magazine, roll it up, and set that magazine against your body extending outward. Imagine that outer edge of the magazine as the end of a shield, film, veil (whatever term you’d like). Now, these smallminded saps believe that if something happens outside of this barrier, it doesn’t affect them! Prime examples of this effect and these people are the person that walks up to a cash register when the lights are off or red, people that slip right up to the counter (ignoring the very obvious line now behind him or her), and moron drivers. I think if we can start diagnosing people with this ailment and toss them a freaking clue, maybe, just maybe, this might start having an effect on the gaming bigots. Just an idea.

Well, now that I’ve completed class for this week, I’ll be working on a much more enjoyable post for next week, may even do an early one if the spirit moves me. TFCO!