OK, so I know that I just did a post about Kickstarter last week and it seems that doing 2 in a row might seem like I either can’t get my mind off of it or that I’m becoming obsessive (or I could be getting paid by them…. yeah, right!). Now I would probably go with obsessed but I really and looking at it more and I’m liking what I am seeing. While I have been away from gaming, especially tabletop gaming, for about a decade, I know that the seas of RPG have changed. Back when I was playing several games in a week, it would be D&D of some flavor, my own RIFTS campaign that I would run, and either Champions, Hero System, or whatever smaller (and probably now dead) RPG that someone wanted to try out. The majority of those games would be ones that would be pressed out and mass produced by some large corp but many of the smaller games and ideas never really had a chance to get their foot in the door and get out to the masses.

Now, since we are out of those archaic days of just having the basic internet to try to share our ideas, we can express ourselves better because we have (said in dramatic, booming voice) SOCIAL MEDIA!! I have been dealing with the internet since old-school bulletin board systems (BBS’s) and Prodigy but honestly I can’t believe that our lives have now taken technology and used it to integrate it into our social selves. Of course I’ve had the MySpace page before and flirted with a Facebook profile (we didn’t get along every well though) but with Twitter, Google+, Skype and other apps, we can really become a greater community of people and gamers than just finding others of like interests in the same town or chat room. Twitter has become one of my more expressive and more frequently visited apps on my phone and I know I look at it probably more often than I should, especially when I am working. I like it that I can feel that I am part of a group that is more than just myself and greater than the sum of it parts.

Sorry, I know that was a bit of a tangent but trust me, it goes along with my thoughts about Kickstarter. While looking over the feeds on Twitter I had heard initially about Kickstarter and looked at it with some mild interest. Now, I’m not sure why I got so attached to this project but the idea interested me, read over the test documents, and really think that this project will go far. The project that I’m talking about is School Daze by Tracy Barnett, aka @Rolling20s on Twitter. The basic premise of the RPG is high school, plain and simply. Ok, so it’s more involved than that but I’m sometimes about describing something in its easiest form. The game is very story driven and narrative. I’ve listened to some of the available playtests that have been done and I think that this game really gets back to one of the cores of why we play games, for the stories and acting.

I am most definitely a supporter of the project and as of this post, the project has already met its funding goal but NOW is still the time to get in on the ground floor of this game. The creator has made some stretch goals since it has been such a success in such a small span of time (there is still almost 30 days left to back the project) and anyone and everyone can still get in on this. It is only $800 away from the first stretch goal and some of the extra rewards sound like they will be awesome, like customized dice and every dice bags made by Dragon Chow Dice Bags. If you haven’t backed this project already or want to know more about School Daze go and follow the link or go to Kickstarter and search for School Daze. If you are a fan of great indie games, take a look, you wont be disappointed!

TFCO and talk to you soon!