(Marginal Disclaimer: I personally have no financial benefits from any of the people, projects, or sites I mention in this post. It would be nice but I do this for the benefit of all.)

Now, while I can lead a group of people, whether it be at work, gaming, or otherwise, I usually feel more comfortable when being a cog within a working team. Along those same lines, my spirit has much to give in the way of creativity but the body has a slight lacking of the skills to express it properly. Given that diatribe, I do want to say that I have great respect and admiration for those that have the skills, drive, ambition, and funding to be able to make their dreams into a reality. I used to believe in the creativity of people’s projects enough that at the time of the great CCG explosion of the mid-90’s, I would quite regularly buy 2 starters and a few boosters of just about any type of new collectable card game. Now I know that with the economy in the dumps as it has been lately that funding for new ideas is probably very sparse but it seems that the community has an answer for those looking for help with their ideas.

I had first seen this mentioned on Twitter and have since looked it up and I am quite impressed. Kickstarter, for those that don’t know about it already, is a site by which people can place their projects up for show to the world to look for others to back their project financially. Backers will usually receive some type of incentive for backing the project at a certain level as described in the project’s information (not unlike the PBS pledge drives you’d see). Projects need to reach a certain limit of funding from backers otherwise no money will be exchanged. Some projects won’t reach their goals while others will get there, sometimes only in the span of days or in 1 recent case, 24 hours. Double Fine Adventure is a project for a classic point-and-click adventure game that is being developed by Double Fine Productions, which is led by Tim Schafer. Tim had created some of the point-and-click games that I played around the end of the ’90s like Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle (and yes, I remember having to play them using actual floppy discs). Amazingly, this project, which was asking for $400,000 of funding, had accumulated over a million dollars in just under 24 hours! Now that is an impressive amount of support. At this time, it is just short of $2 million and there is still about a month left for people to back the project.

Now I have already seen some projects that I’m soon to be throwing some funding to because I feel that the ideas merit the chance to grow and become what the creator has envisioned. Now all the projects are gaming type projects but I will even look at stuff in other areas that are available, like technology, film, and food. There is one in particular that seems like it has some good merits to it and seems like the people that have been testing it have enjoyed it so far. The name of the project is School Daze and it will be a role-playing game. I hope to do a more in-depth overview of this project soon as I will be trying to contact the creator about it. For now, I say that if you value the games that we play and want to see new ideas and new products become available for gaming of any flavor, check out Kickstarter and look for something that interests you.