Well now, I know that I missed last week’s post (damn illness, don’t they know they aren’t supposed to interrupt blogging day?!) but time to make up for that former post with making sure this week’s gets going good. As many already know, registration for GenCon 2012 has officially begun!! This is the pivotal event to my major recovery and hopefully my reintegration into the collective… er.. community (Damn Borg References!).

I think back to my first (and so far, only) experience at GenCon and I do remember it as an enjoyable voyage. Back in ’99 it was still in Milwaukee and that was a pretty decent drive so the drive there was a trip in itself. While I was there I had seen some interesting people, found out about some demos and upcoming products at the time, and went to an impromptu concert Insane Clown Posse (whom happened to be staying at the hotel just down the road from mine). My gaming experiences while I was there consisted of LARPing Star Trek:1999 (minus the costume), card-playing NetRunner, and participating in a light version of an Alternity game (more roleplaying, less rolling). Most of the remaining portions of time while I was there is a blur nowadays (not from any truly good reasons unfortunately) but with my return I plan to have experiences that will remain with me for years.