Ok, so my first major attempt to have a weekly entry may be a little lacking but I think this one will have some merit. Thinking back to my previous experiences with gaming, especially Champions and a few unnamed Sci-fi based games that didn’t pan out very well, I remember having many of these experiences in a place we had dubbed The ShallowGrave. The main reason we named it that was because where we were playing was in a little alcove in a underused portion of the student center (now called the Oakland Center) in Oakland University over in Rochester, Michigan. Back then, it was badly in need of renovation and the alcove we were in had minimal lighting but it served our purposes. Now if you were to walk into that area, it would be completely remade, newer, fancier, but still wouldn’t be the same as the wooden seats and slightly wobbly tables that we would set our BK, Pizza Hut Express, or whatever fast food we could cram with our gaming books and characters sheets.

While I probably will never be able to regain that type of place for experiences like I’ve had before, I hope to find a good group and be able to equally make a place as memorable as our original ShallowGrave. I’d be very curious to hear any thoughts, experiences, or memories of places that others have gamed before.  If you have anything, send it along to me here or at my Twitter feed @RDNottingham