[  Ok, for starters, one programming note. Since I’ve started my posts have been pretty sporadic. In an effort to create some consistency (and possibly grabs some new people) I will be making a minimum of a post a week, that one falling on Thursdays. I think that day will work well with me and how I feel life moves through the week (for my thoughts on the days of the week, it will come up soon).  Now, onto the blog!]

In my job I have to deal with the public on a daily basis and, as anyone can tell you, requires quite a lot if customer service skills. So recently I was at work and was listening to a patient talking to a co-worker and this person just didn’t seem to grasp what the employee was saying. Now, after 3 more attempts at telling this person why we couldn’t give them their prescriptions, they STILL didn’t seem to get it (BTW, if you have a prescription that says X refilled by Y date, if its past Y date you’re S.O.L.)

Now, between that scenario (which seems to happen every day) and the situation I have with my current roommates who can’t seem to keep up their half of the financial bargain (although they seem to get take out and shop plenty well when I’m not around), I really have started to wonder if some people are naturally clueless or irrationally ignorant about the world at large. Besides wondering that I can’t figure out which one is worse (public opinion from my co-workers seem to steer towards ignorant because you can fix clueless).

What I really need to do is get grouped back up again with fellow gamers and be able to feel like I can talk to someone using more than the 1/2% of brain power I currently use between work and home combined. So far my quest continues for intelligence in the forest of life.