As many of you have probably heard already, there has been an announcement concerning a new edition of the king of pen and paper RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons. If you haven’t seen the big news, take a look at this article. Like many others, this was one of the first true roleplaying games that I played and enjoyed. Started with AD&D 2nd, moved into 3.0 but then that’s about the time I lost myself to life sans gaming. I can definitely say that some of the greatest times that I’ve had in my past were from gaming, specifically while sitting around the table of a friend’s house or down in the ShallowGrave, a nickname our gaming group had for our gaming space while at university (before it finally got remodeled).

Seeing the news of the way that Wizards of the Coast want to create the new edition makes me think that they either want to A) actually get the opinions and ideas of gamers to make a more well-liked and profitable game or B) make it seem like that and just create a new product. In a way this makes me think of Doctor Who. In its early versions (before the restarted series starting with the 9th Doctor), things lasted for a while, the Doctor didn’t change very often. Nowadays, since the restart, we’ve had 3 Doctors (Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith) in the span of 7 years. This seems to be similar to D&D back in the day. AD&D 2nd Edition, the core system that I played for a solid decade, hadn’t needed a new edition for 11 years (’89-2000). Now since then, we’ve had 3rd in 2000, 3.5 in 2003, and 4th in 2008. Paranoid coincidence.. maybe!

I, as a gamer, don’t necessarily feel poorly about the news of a new edition of D&D. In fact, I may like it more because people can participate in the playtesting and that I will be able to get in on playing this new edition from the start. I am curious about what kind of news there will be around the time of GenCon for this new edition (which has a Twitter following at #dndnext) and I will be keeping an eye out and seeing what develops. Until now and GenCon, let’s see what we can find out!