Ok, I know I already did a New Years themed post but since we’re about 3 hours til zero hour here I figure its time to toss something into the fray. For anyone not catching my last post yet, here’s the short version: Make a resolution but set a goal that’s achievable and time sensitive.

With a new year comes new beginnings. Yes, cliche but appropriate. Personally, I will be shedding the skins of my “life” as I’ve lived it since losing my focus on gaming. If people around me can’t understand why I’m returning to my roots then that’s a distraction that I will remove to keep me centered on my goal.

I hope to be able to complete all of my resolutions for the year and even improve on other things I haven’t mentioned. To everyone I wish upon you the joys of the New Year, the time where we can look at the compass of life and get our bearings straight again. And I leave you all with this quote from Ben Franklin via Major Nelson of XBox “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man.”