I have been thinking of what New Year’s Resolutions I want to make for myself this year, besides my return to GenCon. At one point recently looked at a copy of the event schedule from last year’s Con and had to chuckle when I saw one of the events, the card game Family Business. For anyone not initiated to the game, players take on the role of 1 of the 6 mob family and try taking out your opponents while preserving your family members (The Purple Gang was a personal favorite). Just like the slogan for Othello, it’s “minutes to learn, a lifetime to master.”

Thinking back to the many hours our group would spend playing that game lead me to thinking back to board games, what they’ve been and what they are becoming. I have seen that much of the board games that are out seems to be focused on the younger ages, probably because there is enough distracting older kids to notice games that don’t involve some kind of electronic device. I remember when there was still games that weren’t for the kiddies that adults could enjoy. There was this Warhammer board game that a buddy and I had found at a Meijer one night, brought it to the group, and that’s all it took. It had miniatures but it wasn’t the same as the full tabletop game. I’d be very curious to see if there is any games that are around now that feel/play in a way similar to that.

I have discovered a group and website for games and gaming that goes to those roots back to the tabletop board game setting. BoardGameGeek is this group and I’ve seen a few things on there so far that I’m getting curious to try playing, like Settlers of Catan. I realize that in some gaming circles I’d be banished for never playing Catan but what can I say, some of my gaming life I’ve been sheltered. Any suggestions for board games that would be interesting to try out would be highly appreciated.

P.S. – I may not have played Catan but I will say I’ve some dues grueling through Diplomacy. Thanks be to Tim for that.