As I recall, sometimes the best way to find something you’re missing is to return to the beginning of the story. I decided that I need to go there.

I remember that I wasn’t even a teenager before I was first introduced to role-playing games, the good old-fashioned pencil and paper type. An old friend, long forgotten, had actually shown me how to play the little known Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG that was out back in the 80’s when TMNT was just gaining pop culture status. I also recall that the book was based off of the original comics and not the movies so it had enough of a darker, more realistic quality that kept it from being taken over by the retail machine. While I didn’t play much of that game, it did give me my first impressions of gaming and some experience with creating both characters and adventures.

With that primer into role playing, I guess that’s where my interests kept being focused on gaming which in turn made my social life in high school a little less interesting (although by my senior year I had fingers in all the clicks by one way or another). But seriously, who really needs the typical ‘social life’ when you can have enriching experiences with companions while questing through a dungeon filled with a demi-lich and beholders? It was my interests in RPGs that led me to becoming friends with 3 others that I feel shaped quite a bit of my life and I think that I have underestimated their effect on my life until recently.

While life has taken the four of us and separated our group, I think that I need to re-enter the dungeon, alone if I must but with others if I can, and find the spirit I once had while being able to express my creativity in ways that I can’t easily do in my regular day-to-day activities. Although the game has changed, from the AD&D 2nd Edition I started learning through D&D 3rd Edition to needing to learn the new 4th Edition, the essence and soul of the game remains the same. I think it’s time to take this 1st level cleric out on an adventure and level up. Wish me luck!