Greetings to all adventurers! I’d like to welcome you to my little journey back into life.

My name is R.D. Nottingham and I’ve been estranged from one of the greatest loves of my life, gaming. Yes, for some people when you grow older you’re supposed to leave things behind that seem ‘childish’ and ‘immature’, but now that I’ve had someone shake the foundation of my beliefs, I don’t necessarily believe that anymore. We are made up of our experiences and until someone can rip them out of our heads, you can’t just lay down and forget everything.

In the grand vastness of my memories I remember a time that I enjoyed being who I was in a place I’d only visited once, GenCon. I had been there for the 1999 GenCon when it was still in Milwaukee and I remember having a blast. While some of the games have come and gone since that time (most memorable for me were NetRunner and  Alternity), the core of gaming is still alive and well. I plan to return to GenCon like I had never left, being able to walk in and feel invigorated and fully alive again.

Of course, to do that, I need to basically relearn all that I knew and discover new joys that weren’t around a decade ago.

It’s time to start looking and find out what’s out there!